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A roof coating acts as a membrane over the existing roof to create a waterproof layer for added protection. While roof coatings are most commonly used on commercial properties, there are coatings for some residential roofing systems.

Tulsa Roofing & Sheet Metal provides superior service for roof coating in Tulsa and neighboring areas.

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Benefits of Roof Coating

There are many advantages to having a roof coating applied to your property. Roof coatings improve the strength and durability of your roof and extend its useful life. We can apply a roof coating to your existing roof at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. This technology is best suited for metal roofs and single ply membrane roofs.

Roof coating is a great choice for:

  • Affordability
  • Fast application
  • Energy savings
  • Added protection for your roof

Roof replacement is expensive, and a roof coating can help you put off that expense. On single ply membrane roofs, adding a coating can extend the life of the roof by 10 to 15 years. In addition to saving you money, this is beneficial for the environment since there is less waste created compared with tearing off an existing roof and disposing of the old roofing materials.

A Streamlined Roof Coating Application Process

Roof coating is a rubberized formula that is applied over the surface of the existing roof. The material expands and contracts with changes in temperature, so it provides strong and durable protection for your roof in any weather. Our professional roofers are highly skilled and experienced in the application of roof coatings. The process begins with careful preparation of the surface of the roof for the coating to be applied.

Although the exact application time depends on the size of the roof, most Tulsa roof coating jobs can be finished in just a few hours. This quick application process minimizes disruption to your normal routine. When the roof coating is complete, we completely clean up and leave no mess behind.

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Get Started with a Free Consultation

Roof coatings come in a variety of formulations to provide the right type of coating for every roof. We offer a free consultation to assess your roof and determine if a coating is the best solution for your property. Our roofing specialists will walk you through the options for roof coatings, and help you make the best decision for your roof.

The cost of roof coating depends on the size of the roof, since larger roofs take longer to complete and require more of the coating material than smaller roofs. We can provide a free quote for roof coating for your property, so you know what to expect. Our prices are competitive, and the improved longevity and reduced energy costs help make up for the cost of the initial application.

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